There are three steps to becoming a security guard in Ontario. First, you need to be eligible to get a licence. Then, you need to complete a 40 hours training course. Finally, you need to complete a ministry test.

There are only three things that determine whether you’re eligible.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must be eligible to work in Canada.
  • You must have a clean criminal record

Then you need to take a training course. A total of forty hours of training is required and can be done in a week long training class. While most people prefer the in-class option, it is now possible to do the course online at at your own pace and convenience. In the course, you will learn about the use of force, report writing, and sensitivity training. You will also need to get a CPR certification. At the end of the course you must take a short test on the material you learned, so pay attention.

At the end of your training course, you will be given a certificate the will allow you to apply to write the ministry test. This is the easiest step, but it is also the longest. It takes a couple of days to book the test. Once you pass the test, it takes about 30 days to process your license.  After all these steps, you are licensed to work as a security guard in Ontario. Your license will be valid for two years from the date it was issued.

The busiest seasons in the industry are the spring and summer months. February is the perfect time to get going on it – study, apply for your license to be ready eligible to work in this spring.